Prom Dresses Online: A Buyers Guide


This is my buyers guide to buying your prom dress online here in the UK. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that there are literally hundreds of places to shop at online in the UK for your UK prom dress. I think you need to prioritise what you are looking for in a dress and in a shop. Are you bothered about the company’s values? Where it is made? What publicity they have? What their reviews are like? If so, then you can begin to narrow down the list quite significantly.

From your narrowed down list, my next step would be to head straight onto Google and start researching. Type in a search term as you would, e.g. ‘buy a prom dress’ or ‘prom dresses UK’ or similar. Important – ignore the ads at the top and bottom and sometimes on the right hand side. They’ll have a little box at the start that has ‘Ad’ written on it. The reason I say to skip them is that they can be any business selling a prom dress and not always from the UK from what I’ve noticed. Instead use the results that are listed one to ten. These are typically companies that have been around much longer, have established trading history and are likely to find trustworthy reviews on these companies more freely.

Once you have went through a few pages of results and cross matched them against your initial criteria, you will see that the list is getting smaller. One step closer to buying your prom dress. Once you’ve managed to whittle it down to say no more than ten. Next, look at the price range of the dresses in each online tore, do these fall within your budget? If not, discard them and stop dwelling on the pretty dresses. After you have carried out that step, now you can get to the good part of the actual style, colour, shape, material and so on. My next tip is to look through them and when you see something you like, shortlist it on the website if it allows. Go back through these shortlisted prom dresses and look at the price only (as before we only considered the price range). If it is out with your budget, which I’d always recommend setting beforehand and sticking to it, then immediately discard and check the next dress in the shortlist link-up.

Prom Dress Shopping Guide Conclusion

You’ll manage to further whittle your choices down to the last few using these methods and at this point I’d suggest you consult your friends as they will no doubt keep you right.

That rounds up my buyers guide to shopping for your prom dress online. Any questions or tips, leave a comment below and I can review them and help you out when it comes to your UK prom dress purchase.

May 8, 2018