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This website is dedicated to a special project devised and developed by the artist/illustrator, Borin Van Loon. A resident of Ipswich, the county town of Suffolk in England, Borin has been photographing examples of old lettering on the walls of buildings in and around the town for over a decade. The galleries of images shown here reflect the transition of a very ancient town (Ipswich is the earliest continuously settled town in England, dating back to around AD600, with Ipswich ware being produced from aroun AD670) as it progresses through the twenty first century. They are updated and extended regularly including non-Ipswich examples in Gallery 7.
If you know the location of an Ipswich lettering example, try using the Street index listed towards the bottom of the page.
What we've included and omitted. Progress so far.
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Street signs
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Boundary markers
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The Wet Dock
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Trade signs
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Architectural features
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Examples from outside Ipswich

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[Note: the letter 'R' we are using as a background here is taken from the cast iron street sign once in Bridge Street. The masthead is based on a feature on Grimwade's store on Cornhill.]
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